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London Riots

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Ya Latif

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Unity over Uniformity

رمضان مبارك

May Allah have mercy upon us all

Glad tidings to all; those who began the fast today (Monday) and those who shall begin tomorrow..


Many Muslims within the UK have begun Ramadan today, either because the 30 days of sha3ban have come to an end as explained In the Hadith, or alternatively because the moon has been cited in certain parts of the globe namely the southern hemisphere; some parts of Africa inc SA, Chile, New Zealand etc which is also a valid opinion within Fiqh.


Alternatively some people will be fasting tomorrow in line with the sighting either in Europe or Morocco which shares similar horizons to the UK, this also is a very sound opinion in terms of Legal (Fiqh) understanding.


Those who chose the former have perhaps done so as an expression of solidarity and in support of unity amongst Muslims since all major denominations/jama’aat within the UK have begun Ramadan today (Monday). 


Whereas those who chose the latter have perhaps done so due to it’s congruence in Usool and it’s unquestionable Fiqhi consistency.


What’s more important is that we understand both stances are jurisprudentially reliable and legally valid, and such colourful diversity of thought is in reality the hallmark of our intellectual authority.


Duas Ws 

Mufti (Abu Layth al-Maliki)

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