Language is the means by which people communicate what may remain hidden within themselves. By words we focus upon specific aspects of our experiences and thoughts. The shape and form of the language we speak contains possibilities that shape the way we articulate our thoughts about reality, this means that it shapes our perception of reality. The words we choose to express ourselves speak volumes about the way we perceive the world and our place in it. However, the words we possess to describe the world are indicative of the way we perceive the world and our place in it.

From Language – spoken language – comes mathematics, since numbers are necessary for communication. Counting and recognising the repeating patterns, based upon number, is a part of language. Mathematics is a language which is a subset of Language. Cadence and  rhythm are a necessary part of language and from this is born music. So Language is the mother of all human languages and this is what sets man apart from every other creature.

But language has another deeper dimension. Divine revelation is in language. It is not in mathematics or music. Even more fundamentally is The Creator’s indication in the Qur’anic Revelation that the entire creation is by His command and by His words. The creation is language.

Exploring these matters open whole vistas into the nature of existence and human perception.

From: Alex Carberry


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