Allah is al-Mu’min (The Giver of Security)

Sheikh Salman al-Oadah
Wed, 02/24/2010

We find this name of Allah in the verse: “Allah says: “He is Allah, besides whom there is no God, the King, the Holy One, Peace, the Giver of Security.” [Sūrah al-Hashr: 23]

This name has various shades of meaning.

The Fulfiller of Promises

One of the meanings of this name is: “the true one who always fulfills His promise.”

“Indeed, Allah never breaks His promise.” [Sūrah Āl `Imrān: 9]

Allah provides His servants with their sustenance and wellbeing in this world. He forgives them their sins, and in the Hereafter, He rewards them for their good deeds.

He is also the one who fulfills the good expectations that His servants have of Him. He does not disappoint them. The Prophet (peace be upon him) relates that Allah says: “I am as my servant thinks of Me. So think of Me as you will.” [Sahīh al-Bukhārī (7405) and Sahīh Muslim (2675)]

Allah guarantees His servants that they will face no injustice or wrong in the Hereafter. Allah says: “On this Day, every soul shall be rewarded for what it has earned; no injustice (shall be done) this Day. Surely Allah is quick in reckoning.” [Sūrah Ghāfir: 17]

“Then, on that Day, no soul will be wronged in the least, and you shall be repaid naught but the merit of your past deeds.” [Sūrah YāSīn: 54]

In the Sunnah, we read the story of the man who said: “My Lord! Will You grant me protection from injustice?”

He replied: “But of course.”

The man said: “I permit nothing for myself except a witness from myself.”

He said: “Suffice yourself as a witness upon you today, and the noble recording angels as witnesses.” [Sahīh Muslim (2969)]

Allah protects those who are oppressed from their oppressors. He also grants the oppressors timer to right their wrongs, but when He decides to take them to task, there is no escape from Him. [Sahīh al-Bukhārī (4686)]

Allah grants security to the oppressed. He protects them, supports them, and gives them sanctuary. Allah says: “Say: In whose hand is the dominion over all things – who gives protection, while against Him there is no protection – if you have knowledge?” [Sūrah al-Mu’minīn: 88]

The Giver of Security

Another meaning of the name al-Mu’min is “the one who bestows security upon His servants.”

Allah says: “(He) who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear” [Sūrah Quraysh: 4]

Allah bestows the blessing of security upon His servants in so many ways. He promises the believers who fear Him that He will exchange their fear for security: “He will change (their state), after fear, to one of security and peace.” [Sūrah al-Nūr: 55]

Allah will do the same for the believers in the Hereafter. He will placate their fears with His bountiful rewards and with His mercy. They will enjoy Paradise with their hearts at peace. Allah says about them: “They will say: Lo! Of old, among our people, we were ever fearful; but Allah has been gracious to us and has saved us from the punishment of the scorching wind.” [Sūrah al-Tūr: 26-27]

He also says about the denizens of Paradise: “Enter the Garden; you shall have no fear, nor shall you grieve.” [Sūrah al-A`rāf: 49]

Allah assures us that the denizens of Paradise will experience nothing of fear or grief. They will abide forever in a state of love and good expectations. This is an indication of their worth and their lofty status.

Likewise, Allah describes Mecca as the “Land of Security” due to the special religious observances that are prescribed for it on account of the reverence that is owed to it. The game animals found in its precincts are not to be hunted. Its plants are not to be picked. Lost valuables which are found there are not to be picked up, except for the sake of person who is looking for them. In this way, security is extended to every human being, bird, and beast.

The Giver of Faith

Another meaning of al-Mu’min is “the giver of faith”. Allah sends to us His Messengers and reveals to them His Books. He establishes for us the proof that His Messengers are genuine in what they relate from Him. He teaches us, through them, about His noble names and His attributes of perfection.



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