Renew Your Faith

Sheikh Sâlih al-Mughâmisî, professor at the Islamic University in Madinah
Thu, 11/27/2008
Faith is the most precious of possessions. It is the greatest gift. Allah has made it the distinction of those who are destined for Paradise.

Allah says: “Are those who believe like those who are iniquitous? They are not the same.” [Sûrah al-Sajdah: 18]

We must value the gift of faith. Allah withheld the gift of faith from some of the closest relatives of His Messengers, like Abraham’s father and one of Noah’s sons. They were so close to those noble Prophets, but they were not blessed to have faith. Be thankful that Allah has bestowed this blessing on you. We must praise Him for giving us this gift. We would not have been guided had it not been for Allah guiding us.

We should take care of this most valuable gift. We must safeguard it. We must not let it deteriorate or fall into peril. How do we do this?

It is well-known that faith increases and decreases. Faith increases most effectively through the performance of good deeds.

Abû Hurayrah relates the following:

Once when the Prophet (peace be upon him) was sitting with his Companions, he asked: “Who among you started his day fasting?”

Abû Bakr said: “I am fasting.”

Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked: “Who among you has visited the sick?”

Abû Bakr said: “I have.”

Then the Prophet asked: “Who among you gave food to the poor?”

Abû Bakr who answered: “I have.”

The Prophet then asked: “Who attended a funeral procession today?”

Abû Bakr again replied in the affirmative.

At this point, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “These deeds do not come together in a single person except that the person is admitted into Paradise.” [Sahîh Muslim]

Consider how Abû Bakr engaged in all of these good deeds in a single day. We should not be surprised to know that, on another occasion, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said about Abû Bakr: “Abû Bakr’s faith weighs as much as the faith of the rest of my followers put together.”

In order to renew your faith and increase it, read the Qur’ân. Put your mind into it, and think carefully about what you are reading. There is no better way to remember Allah or beseech His favor than by using His own words.

Also, read the stories of the Prophets to learn about the exemplary lives of those who possessed the greatest faith of all. We can see how Abraham (peace be upon him) was willing to sacrifice his own son for the love of Allah, how he was willing to let Nimrod cast him into a bonfire, and how he gave hospitality to his guests, His heart was sincere in everything that he did and he always turned penitently to his Lord. Because of this, he earned the epithet “Friend of Allah.”

“And Allah took Abraham as a friend.” [Sûrah al-Nisâ’: 125]

When we read about the lives of the Prophets and contemplate on the lessons that their lives teach us, it increases our faith and bolsters our conviction. Consider when Allah says: “They are the ones whom Allah guided, so follow their guidance.” [Sûrah al-An`âm: 90]

To further increase your faith, visit the graveyard. See how everyone’ s state in the physical world is made equal by death. Then consider how the status of their souls differs. How many believing souls are saying in expectation: “My Lord! Bring on the Day of Resurrection!” How many other souls are pleading in fear and dread: “My Lord! Do not bring on the Day of Judgment.”

May Allah increase us in faith and make us all God-fearing.



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