Drunk with the love of resources

“Becoming hopeless on seeing shortage of resources is a sign that you are drunk with the love of resources, and your faith in Allah’s promises and His Invisible Power is very little. If you work with placing your trust in Allah, and with courage, Allah will gather the resources together; otherwise, what can a man do by himself? Courage and humanly possible effort is a pre-condition, however.”

Words and Reflections, Maulana Ilyas Khandehlawi



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3 responses to “Drunk with the love of resources

  1. Halime

    Assalaamu Alaikum! Do you know where I can get a hold of this book? I would very much like to read it. JazakAllahu khair!

  2. wa `alaykum salam,

    The book is actually more geared towards those connected with Jama`at at-Tabligh, but there are quite a few parts in it which are just generally good advice for anyone.

    I’ll post a link to where you could buy it online here soon inshAllah.

    ibn ayyub

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