Muslim Demographics: We’re Taking Over the World?

By the middle of this century the Muslim population will be such that it will dominate the world.  This video discusses the demographics that will lead to this change.

Obviously, Christians and Europeans are very worried about this fact and if we look in history we will se that they maybe justified because their birth rate is so low that at no stage ever has a nation turned around such a small rate.  It has only lead to their total decline and ultimate destruction.

Very interesting video and the good news is that the Muslims, by simply doing what we are doing, will soon be the most dominant force in the world, inshallah.

Note that this video is made by Christians to scare the Christians about the Muslims and to get them call Muslims to the Gospels.  It is obviously a tool to increase the hatred between our two faiths – like we need anything else to do that!

From: Hamza Jennings


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4 responses to “Muslim Demographics: We’re Taking Over the World?

  1. Ms AlleSanDr|a

    I don’t understand what’s all the big fuss about. Even if the US is going to be dominated by Islam, I guess it will just be a moderate country unlike the Middle East. It will be a country regardless of race, language or religion.

  2. Tom Katsumi

    I’m afraid that as well as being used as a propoganda tool against Muslims ( this film is based on false facts:

  3. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Islam is definitely gaining ground day by day and it’s nothing to be scaremongering about. I’m very optimistic for Islam and the Muslims in the West and the positive transformations it will make for the masses: Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    Islam is no longer an immigrant religion; it’s a native European/American religion. And that’s the reality.

    ibn ayyub

  4. Proud Muslim

    share what gospel message ,gospel is fake ,christianity in today is fake ,the so called bible is fake (man written) .Its time to wake up yes ,wake up to Islam and realise that this so called christians is just trying to turn humanity and the society away from the true religion and that is Islam .May Allah guide humanity Inshallah and safe them from the false man made religion.

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