Causes of Resentment

[…]Maulana Thanwi (r) is teaching us that bad social etiquette leaves an imprint on the hearts of others affecting inter-personal relationships this in turn incites bitterness and animosity and other negative qualities. Social and family life can not function optimally and wholly in the absence of refined social etiquette.

Maulana Thanwi (r) says:

” The primary cause for the dissipation of mutual love and affection [between the Muslims] rests with corrupt attitudes and corrupt social manners. As a result of such corruption, mutual resentment, and dislike for others has engulfed social relations, society. This state of affairs impedes tranquility from settling in the heart and eliminates it from the heart. A prerequisite of mutual love and a condition of its existence between members of a society is the presence of tranquility in the heart.”

[Al Translators]

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