Another Parental Wake Up Call!

In a recent entry, I referenced a new study from the American Heart Association.  Within the study, researchers identified that young children may have a “vascular age” that is 30 years older than their actual age.

After reading the initial study, I had feelings of disgust and disbelief.  I cannot grasp how so-called loving parents are able to fill their kids with enough garbage to cause health problems.  The obvious response to my reaction would be that the parents did not know the consequences of their actions.  Perhaps they do not realize what is contained within certain food products.  Perhaps they have been victimized by the food industry’s powerful marketing force.

Is Ignorance An Excuse?

Should we let these parents off the hook?  Does ignorance now serve as a viable excuse for poor parenting?  Is that really the state of our world today?  Does anyone else find this to be a tad bit on the pathetic side?!?!

Yes, the food industry is deceptive, but that’s no excuse to fall victim to its nonsense.  What happened to due diligence?  My wife and I were not given step by step instructions on how to raise our children.  We actively sought out our own answers.  Whether it was food related, vaccine related, social development related, physical development related, and so on, we read everything that we could get our hands on.  We searched the Internet, read books, watched videos, and continue to do so today.  We don’t take anyone’s word for anything.  We take the time to perform our own research so we can at least attempt to make informed decisions.

And don’t give me the excuse that you do not have time to perform research for your children.  Whether you are homeless and unemployed or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you have 24 hours a day.  Busy people do not have 36 hour days.  We all have 24 hours a day, and what you do with your time is your decision.

Putting the welfare of your children at the top of the priority list should be a no brainer!  Why does it appear to be so uncommon?

Just last year, Time Magazine referenced research from Stanford University regarding the preferences of three year old children.  At age three, many kids are already hooked on McDonald’s fast food.  At age two, children have already formed beliefs about certain brand names, logos, and packaging.

How does a 2 year old already know about McDonald’s?  Did he drive his tricycle up to the drive through window?   And how does a 2 year old watch enough television to start identifying logos and brand names?  Do parents ever think to turn off the television and instead spend some time trying to develop the child’s brain!

What happened to working on the alphabet?  Numbers are also fun!  How about puzzles and other BRAIN stimulating games?   And what about getting outside and playing!  Ya know… real simple activities like running in the yard, throwing the ball, learning how to pedal a tricycle, and so on.

I may not be a perfect parent, but I sure as hell try.  My son is two and a half and has never stepped inside a McDonald’s restaurant.  He wouldn’t know the difference between a Big Mac and a hot dog.  He has never tasted either.

Is he deprived?  Hell no!  I don’t consider nurturing the child and putting HIS welfare first to be any form of deprivation.  It may be unusual based on modern statistics, but I’ll happily be the odd man out if it means raising healthy children!

Parents need to take their parenting roles more seriously.  If that means staying up late to read a book, it looks like you’ll be staying up late.  Loving parents make sacrifices for their children.  Turning on the television to distract your kid isn’t a sacrifice.  It’s a damn shame.  Regularly filling your kid with fast food isn’t a sacrifice.  It’s pathetic.

Oddly enough, until I was a parent, these topics never really mattered to me.  Now that I have children, I cannot imagine living any other way.  My kids mean more to me than anything in the world.  It is difficult for me to offer anything but disgust to those who neglect the health and well being of their children.



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One response to “Another Parental Wake Up Call!

  1. Have you ever been poor, uneducated, surrounded by poor, uneducated people who eat bad food and don’t care for their children, in a family of people who refuse to care properly for themselves or their children, working two jobs, with multiple children, in a country that cares nothing for whose bodies its agriculture and restaurant business practices run over?

    While, yes, parental responsibility does play a role, it’s a hell of a lot more complex than you’re making it out to be, in my humble opinion.

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