Using our Children to our own advantage

Hakimul Ummah, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, May Alah have mercy on Him, narrates the following awe-inspiring episode in which there is a great lesson for reflection.

A man who was a resident of the town of Gawaaliya, India, spared no effort in the English education of His son. (In those days of political slavery, it was considered an honour to be educated along the lines of the British rulers). He spent a considerable sum of money on His son’s worldly education. After attaining the limits of English education which the institutions in India could offer, the father despatched his son to London to obtain the highest qualifications in Englsih Education. The son passed His examinations in London with flying colours, but upon returning to India He became seriously ill.

His condition deteriorated until He (the son) was on the verge of death. The father, stricken with sorrow and misery, sat at the bedside of His dying son and wailed: “O my son! I have spent 25 thousand rupees in your education, but I have not seen the fruits of my efforts.”

The son in the last stages of life suddenly opened his eyes and exclaimed: “O my beloved father! Why do you wail and cry now? When you observe me in the Aakhirah burning in the fire of Jahannam (hell) then you may truly cry. By spending these 25 thousand rupees, you have made arrangements for my fall into Jahannam. You have purchased Jahannam for me with this sum, because you have kept me ignorant of the education of the deen. At this time I am witnessing the furtility (madness) of all my education. The angels of death are at hand. By spending such a large sum, you have not befriended me, but you have displayed that you are my enemy manifest!



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  1. Great reminder and Mashallah a very nice blog you have here.

    Dua mai Yaad.

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