Longevity, Negativity, and Positive Thinking

Now we obviously know the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly. There are thousands of books, websites, videos, etc. all dedicated to fitness and nutrition. No one is denying the importance of these two elements. Many seem to overlook another piece of the puzzle however. In the quote above, it was also mentioned that the man lived with a lack of stress.

The idea of living a life without stress and negativity isn’t new. Remember this entry? Jack Lalanne emphasized the importance of regular exercise, good nutrition, and positive thinking. Unfortunately, many people in this world seem to overlook the role of positive thinking. Just because you exercise and eat well doesn’t mean that you are a good person. Exercising doesn’t put you in a higher class. You could still be a complete assh*le regardless of your fitness habits.

We all know some negative people. These people bitch and moan about the world to whoever is willing to listen. They complain about the government, gas prices, the economy, their job, their life, their neighbors, other drivers, their pets, other pets, etc. It is a never ending whine-fest about how bad the world is and how bad their life seems to be within it. I’ve come across these people at the gym. As stated above, the fact that you exercise doesn’t mean jack!

Now back to the whine-fest… What purpose does the whining serve? Does it bring about change? Or does it simply bring everyone else down around you? Think about it… I’m not happy about the rising gas prices, but what good is it going to do to cry about it all day? Will I wake up tomorrow and find free gas in my car? I doubt it.

So why waste your time complaining about the world every chance you can? Don’t you have anything positive to say? If not, why don’t you shut your mouth? Have you ever thought that maybe some of the people that you whine to don’t want to listen? Perhaps they don’t want to be tainted by your constant negativity?

We all know that there are problems in the world. Go watch the evening news. There are some true scum bags in the world. I don’t need to be reminded of it every minute of the day. Sure, there are assh*les out there, but there are also plenty of good, honest people. Why not focus on of the good? I don’t need a doctor to confirm that constant negativity and stress are far from healthy. Mr. and Mrs. Negative need not spread their poison to others. Stop feeling so bad about yourself and the world around you and do something positive with your time… because guess what? That time will expire at some point. That is one guarantee that I can make to everyone on this planet. Time is limited, so stop wasting it by bitching and moaning about everything that is wrong with the world.

Life is what you make of it, so start making it more positive. You’ll be a healthier (in many ways) person because of it.


Source: Ross Training



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