Speaking Ill of a Fellow Muslim

Sufyan ibn Husayn al-Wasiti says: I spoke ill of a person in the presence of Iyas ibn Mu’awiyah al-Muzani, who was the judge of Basra, a Tabi’i and a very intelligent person. So he looked at me in the face and asked: ‘Did you wage war against the Romans?’ I replied: ‘No.’ He asked: ‘Did you wage war against Sind, India and the Turks?’ I replied: ‘No.’ He said: ‘How is it that the Romans, the Sindis, the Indians and the Turks are safe from you while your own Muslim brother is not safe from you?’ Sufyan says: ‘ I never did this again, i.e. I never found fault with anyone nor did I speak ill of anyone.'” [54]


[54] : Ibn Kathir, al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah.

(The Sunnah way of the Sufis, Imam Abu Harith al-Muhasibi, researched and explained by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda)



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4 responses to “Speaking Ill of a Fellow Muslim

  1. Brilliant quote friend! Applies across the spectrum and not just to Muslims.

  2. ibn ayyub

    You’re welcome here. Thanks for taking out the time to comment and visiting me here. I appreciate it.

    ibn ayyub

  3. Jazakallah for this beautiful post and important lesson

  4. ibn ayyub

    as-salamu ‘alaikum,

    Wa iyya’kum. Important and forgotten lesson indeed – even amongst our ‘practising’ and ‘knowledgeable’ people.

    ibn ayyub

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