Behavior and Character

All of the religion is behavior and character, what increases you in (good) behavior, increases you in your religion. [Ibn al Qayyim]

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  1. Safia

    That reminds me once a non-Muslim man asked me why I wear a hijaab and another Muslim woman did not. And he asked whether or not she was going to hell. I told him that Muslims can never judge another Muslim and that a person does not go to hell soley for not wearing a hijaab. Islam is about judging what is within a person. He might not know if she wasn’t wearing a hijaab because she was forced or what her circumstances were. But even still, Islam is all about our character and intentions. And he told me that was the first sane thing he has ever heard about Islam. It disheartened me that he thought that.

    But this totally reminds me of the following quote:

    The true greatness of man lies in his capacity for eternal progress.
    -The Alchemy of Happiness, Imam Al-Ghazali

    Sorry for being random. =)

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