Humble and Positive

by Hafeed Abdul Kader

Shaykh [Saleem Dhorat] gave a very good advice on upholding a good character; and how at the same time earn a lot in both worlds: “Only Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala, in fact, knows who is who [what status they really hold], so we should not look down on people, but constantly think good about people; and surely enough we will be rewarded for this.

All negative thoughts that are entertained and maintained will qualify of sin in the Hereafter, and because we don’t know how much close in regard is a person to Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala we don’t know in fact how severe our sin will weigh. So to have positive thoughts of everyone, even if they are not entirely justified or warranted will [and you will see] on the Day of Judgement bear you immense amounts of reward”.

(Courtesy of In Shaykh’s Company)

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