Having Good Thoughts About Others

by Muhammad Abdullah

Sometimes it is quite easy for us to become very judgemental and start drawing negative conclusions about others based on external appearances only. In a gathering held on 18/04/05 our respected Shaykh discussed this concept in the following lucid manner. The notes are to the nearest meaning.

Only Allah Ta’aalaa is aware of who is the most virtuous before Him. We can judge according to what we see, based upon the Sharee‘ah which has laid down apparent criteria which we are supposed to follow. But only Allah is aware of who in reality is the most pious, who possesses the most taqwa, who is the most beloved to Him. We will be judged according to what we deserve and not according to how people used to perceive us in this world.

We should have positive thoughts, not negative thoughts. Never look down on anyone because many times we are not aware of the spiritual condition of others and it may be that they are more beloved (than us) to Allah. For example we may have 99 good qualities and 1 fault whereas the person we are thinking about has 99 faults and 1 good quality. But that person’s one good quality, may be more beloved to Allah than our ninety-nine, and thus he will be more virtuous and worthy than us.

(Courtesy of In Shaykh’s Company)

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