Observe Purdah

by Abu Abdullah Ibne Ismail

“Brothers-in- law and sisters-in-law are non-mahram and it is necessary to observe purdah from them. Many people are neglectful of this.”

(Courtesy of In Shaykh’s Company)

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2 responses to “Observe Purdah

  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    People definitely need to take heed of this.

    • Muhammad Elijah

      Wa ‘Alaikum-us-salaam
      Daily motivation,daily Da’wah ilAllaah is where we are lacking.If we do daily Da’wah ilAllaah like Nooh ‘alaihis salaam,Muslims would InshaaAllaah respond to Tadhkeer(Reminding).
      Imaam Maalik rahimahu(A)llaah said:
      The Islaah(Rectification) of the Aakhir(Last part) of Ummah will not take place in any other way than what did the Islaah of Awwal(First part) of Ummah.
      We have to revive the daily person-to-person Da’wah ilAllaah just like in Makkah doing Wa Rabbaka FaKabbir, mentioning the greatness of Allaah. The more we speak,listen,and think about Dhaat(Self) and Sifaat(Attributes) of Allaah,the more Eemaan(Faith) would settle within our Quloob(Hearts) like water settles down deep inside the mountains.La Ilaaha IllAllaah revives Eemaan.We should negate that our careers,our wealth can benefit us.It is Allaah alone who gives Rizq(Sustenance),Shifaa(Health),’Izzah(Honour) not His Makhlooq(Creation).

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