Importance of learning the Arabic language

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3 responses to “Importance of learning the Arabic language

  1. shaima

    Jazakom Allah Khayran for this lecture about Importance of Arabic. Subhan Allah our Ummah really need this. I live in the States and from the day I came here and married a man(who is considered successful in keeping his Arabic language of vanishing) I am facing a big confusion ” Islam and being a Muslim has nothing to do with Arabic ” I couldn’t and still can’t accept this fact. In the beginning I felt its something personal that I have to keep it up myself, till I found this a huge problem that includes all Muslims in the States. Arabic language is really fading and on purpose! WOW! This really is shocking me……
    They don’t understand why Arabic can’t be separated from Islam. Islam is Qura’an. Qura’an is in Arabic. To understand Qura’an which is our way of life we have to understand Arabic as a language. We don’t need to learn Arabic to Communicate with Arabs !!!!!!!!!!! Subhan Allah!

    JAKAZA ALLAH KHAYRAN Again for this great lecture and introduction you gave. I really found it precise and lead to the point.

  2. K

    the vid doesn’t work

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