Hijab and Modesty

I also feel it necessary to take this opportunity for a general reminder, as many others will be reading this answer via the website. Muslims today have abandoned the many safeguards and restrictions their beautiful Religion has put upon them, for their own safety and protection. Thus Islam does not permit women to be alone with any non-Mahram man, yet we see most Muslims show scant respect for this. The Messenger of Allah (SWT), peace and blessings be upon him, said: “A woman who freely mixes with other people and shows off her beauty is without light and virtue.”

Similarly, Islam teaches that Muslim women wear modest clothing for the reason that those in whose hearts is disease do not be given wrong signals.
But again, today we see even sisters who wear the Hijab fail to understand that Hijab first and foremost means acting modestly and hiding oneself and is not just a piece of cloth on the head. The Messenger of Allah (SWT), peace and blessings upon him, forewarned that women would deteriorate morally like this, he said: “Woman who remain naked even after dressing up (by wearing skin tight clothes or revealing garments), and who allure others and are allured by others, who walk coquettishly, will never enter Paradise nor even
get its scent.” (Muslim)
Thus the following practices would all be forbidden and must be abandoned as they are against the concept of Hijab:
1, Wearing perfume in front of non-Mahram men 2, Wearing jeans or trousers that are tight fitting 3, Wearing other skin tight clothes that reveal the outline of the body, as according to the Sharia this is also considered as making oneself naked, as the hadith above shows us 4, Wearing colorful headscarves that attract attention 5, Speaking freely with the opposite sex 6, Revealing the arms, chest or neck.
Our practicing sisters should do their duty, as Dawah is upon them also, and tell other sisters who do not observe proper Hijab of the sinfulness of this and encourage them to become more observant. The Messenger of Allah (SWT), peace and blessings upon him said: “None of you believes until he loves for his brother (or sister) what he loves for himself,” (Muslim).

Wallahu Aalam bis-sawab

Mufti Mohammed Sajjad

(Courtesy of As Suffa Institute)

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2 responses to “Hijab and Modesty

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  2. May Allah makes it easy for us muslimah to wear better clothes time to time..

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