A refutation to the deniers of Allah


Once a group of atheists came to Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullahi alaih) with the intention of killing him. Imaam Saheb asked them what they would say about a person who claims that he sees a ship laden with goods sailing on the sea, and it takes the goods from one end to another. This ship navigates the waves perfectly and there is no sailor (captain) to steer the ship. The goods get loaded on and off the ship by itself. They replied that this is such a nonsensical contention that no sane human would accept it. Imaam Saheb told them : “Pity upon your intelligence. If a ship cannot sail and operate without a sailor, how can this entire universe operate without an operator?” Upon hearing this all of them were embarrassed and they repented and accepted Islaam at Imaam Saheb’s hands.


Someone once asked Hadhrat Imaam Maalik (rahmatullahi alaih) for the proof of a Creator. He replied by indicating towards the face and said that the face of man is small, and yet it consists of eyes, nose, ears, tongue, cheeks, lips, etc., etc. Notwithstanding this, no two persons faces are the same. The voices, mannerisms, habits, etc. of each person is unique. In short, the fact that every person’s features and profiles are not alike, nor are their voices, tones, habits and characters alike, proves that all this is definitely the work of a Supreme Creator, Who has blessed each person with his/her own uniqueness, which differs from others. This can never be the work of insensitive matter or molecules.


An atheist asked Imaam Shaafi (rahmatullahi alaih) for the proof of a Creator. He said that one must look at the leaves of a mulberry tree. The taste, colour, and smell of all of them are alike, but when a silk-worm eats therefrom, then silk is produced and when a bee eats therefrom, then honey is made and when a sheep eats therefrom, then it ejects it as droppings and if a deer eats therefrom, then it produces musk. All this different things are made from one and the same source. It is obvious that all these different products are the result of an AllKnowing, Most Powerful Creator. These are certainly not the result of ‘natural’ occurrences. If it were, then the result would have all been the same.

(‘Aqaid al Islam, ‘Allama Idrees Khandehlawi)


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One response to “A refutation to the deniers of Allah

  1. Asalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah

    I love these anecdotes – they’re excellent.
    By the way everyone should read this book on Aqidah, it gives you a clearer picture.
    (You can find it somewhere on my Blog)

    Was Salam

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