Regarding the Purdah

by Mohammed Mahmud

Shaykh [Saleem Dhorat] once remarked something which needs to be understood by us very carefully, and it shows how a slight deviation in an intention can change everything:

“It is a common misconception nowadays that once a woman wears her purdah, she feels at liberty to go wherever she desires, when in fact a Muslim woman should bear in mind firstly that it is preferable for her to leave her home only for necessity and a shar’ee (religiously sound) reasons, and then donning the purdah”.

(Courtesy of In Shaykh’s Company)

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6 responses to “Regarding the Purdah

  1. abdullah

    this is truly amazing
    can you please put on more of shaykh saleems advices
    they are very touching

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  3. Administrator 2

    You can find more of these sayings on In Shaykh’s Company

  4. Are there a cds or dvds of these lectures avaiable anywhere?

  5. ibnayyub

    Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    You can ask at In Shaykh’s Company:

  6. Mashallah theres a lot available at

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