The Virtues of Calling Towards Good & Forbidding Evil

by Zaahid Patel

Recently in a speech during which Shaykh [Saleem Dhorat] explained the virtues of calling towards good and forbidding evil, Shaykh mentioned some beautiful advices:

1. “The one who calls towards good and forbids evil should never become despondent. Because if the one who is committing evil is not refraining from their misdeeds then why should the one who is forbidding this action (which in itself is a virtue) stop their virtuous action. One day their words will definitely have an affect on the one addressed”.

2. Outlining the importance of using wisdom in calling towards good & forbidding evil, Shaykh mentioned an advice of the late Hadhrat Moulana Abrar Ahmed Sahib (R.A). “He once mentioned that when you go to someone’s house and wish to call him towards Salaah then do not give him the impression that you are trying to imply that he does not read his Salaah at all [even though he may openly not do so]. However say to him that to read salaah in the Masjid is of far greater reward than reading in at home [thus maintaining his dignity and self-esteem]; and this will be regarded as calling with wisdom”.

3. “The Prophet sallahu alayhi wasalam mentioned in a Hadith that ‘All of the creation are dependants of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala and the most beloved of creation is the one who is good towards His dependants’’. This Hadith is about those who fulfils the material needs of a fellow human being so what can be said about the one who fulfils the spiritual needs of a fellow human being i.e. calls him towards good and forbids him from evil. How beloved must he be in the eyes of Allah Ta’aala!”

(Courtesy of : In Shaykh’s Company)


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One response to “The Virtues of Calling Towards Good & Forbidding Evil

  1. Mash’Allah, great advices from Hadhrat.

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