***The Bukhari Dars is now available via Weekly Podcast***

Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

The Dars of the summarized version of Sahih al Bukhari – at Tajrid as Sarih by Imam Zain ad Deen az Zabidi that is held on Friday nights at the Al Kawthar Academy, will be made available via a podcast through podbean on the Al Kawthar Academy podbean blog below:


To subscribe to the premium content simply click on the Subscribe to Premium content RSS feed. There is an option for both an annual subscription for $100 USD (£50 approx) or for the monthly subscription for $12.50 USD (£7 approx). The dars that is held on Fridays will be made available by the next day – Saturday.You can download the lessons to your computer hard drive and you could, if you so choose upload them to your MP3 player or ipod. Alhamdulillah this way the talks work out much cheaper and convinient for you to listen to and benefit from.

For more info on the Bukhari dars visit:


The dars will continue to be broadcasted for free via Paltalk. If you haven’t listened to the duroos then I strongly advise you to do so. It’s a unique opportunity to listen to the Commentary of Sahih al Bukhari in a serialized format. If you would like more information on how to listen to the lessons or you have any other questions, then leave a comment, insha-Allah I will get back to you.


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2 responses to “***The Bukhari Dars is now available via Weekly Podcast***

  1. Amjed Ali Khan

    As Salaam Alai Kum, May Allah bless you for this wonderful work u are doing. Kindly advice me how to download these dars from Paltalk. My email is amjedalikhan2003@yahoo.com

  2. ibnayyub

    wa ‘alaykum as Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    The Bukhari dars which is given at the Al Kawthar Academy is broadcast live through Paltalk. In order to listen to the lectures you will have to download and install Paltalk Messenger which is a free program, available to download at http://www.paltalk.com or http://www.download.com
    To listen to the live broadcast simply enter the Islam category in the ‘Rooms’ tab where at 8:15PM UK Time a room will be opened called ‘Al Kawthar Academy’. By double-clicking on ‘Al Kawthar Academy’ you will enter the room in which the conference will be broadcast.
    The talk can also be accessed directly from http://www.akacademy.eu without the need to install Paltalk. Simply visit http://www.akacademy.eu at 8:15PM UK time and click on the PLAY button at the time of the lecture.
    Alternatively you can subscribe to the podcasts via http://alkawthar.podbean.com where the dars is uploaded, as well as previous ones are available for you to listen to at your own time and convenience.

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