Ma’arif al Quran – Mufti Shafi Uthmani (Complete)

Below are links to scans of the Tafsir of the Quran by Mufti Shafi Uthmani in pdf format and available for download. It’s a very good tafseer – highly recommended. If you find any errors in the page numbering, then please leave a comment saying so.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 1 : Al Fatiha and Surah Al Baqarah.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 2 : Aal ‘Imran and Surah An Nisa.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 3 : Surah Al Ma-idah till Surah Al A’raf upto ayah 93.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 4 : Al A’raf from ayah 94 till Surah Al Hud.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 5 : Yusuf till Surah Al Kahf.

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 6 : Maryam till Surah Ar Rum

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 7 : Luqman till Surah Al Ahqaf

Ma’ariful Quran Vol 8 :
Surah Muhammad till Surah An Nas.

Surah Locator:



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28 responses to “Ma’arif al Quran – Mufti Shafi Uthmani (Complete)

  1. Ahmad

    The Ma’arf al Quran is the most favorite Tafseer to me.
    Allah blase Mufti Shafi Sahib.

  2. shahid hussain

    Asalam o Alaykum

    any kind of membership required to dowload tafseer or it all free ????

    waiting for your reply.

    Shahid Hussain

  3. ibnayyub

    wa ‘Alaykum as Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

    Its all free.

  4. ibnayyub

    1. Click on the volume you wish to download.

    2. On the page you are led to click on the free button.

    3. That will lead you to another page. Next to “here:”, Enter the 4 digit code in the box.

    4 Click on the Download button.

    Download should start.

    Note that you will have to wait 88 minutes between downloads.

    If you still require clarification, please ask.

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  6. Shafaat Husain

    Adobe Reader said the file is corrupted and cannot be repaired

  7. Shafaat Husain

    The Meaning of the Noble Qur’an
    cannot be download as the file
    is corrupted.

    Kindly advise

  8. Sameem

    I have myself compiled a html help file of “The meaning of the noble Qur’an” by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthamni. Further another html file of Ma’aariful Qur’an (English) Suran Fatiha and Surah Baqarah also available. Anybody interested can contact me on

  9. Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu

    Jazak Allah khairan wa ahsanul jaza

    It has helped alot even in helping people to Islam..

    May Allah SWT reward you

    La Tans min al dua
    was salam

  10. عبد الرحمن

    جزاك الله خير الجزاء أخي الفاضل

    Brother, could I have the original text in Urdu.

    والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

  11. wa `alaykum Salam wa RahmatuLlahi wa Barakatuh,

    Ma`arif al-Qur’an in Urdu is available from this site:

    ibn ayyub

  12. عبد الرحمن

    جزاكم الله خير الجزاء

  13. Imran Zubair

    That is the best tafseer for common people because it is easy to understand,have all necessary masails and explaination using hadith,sahaba’s sayings and authentic and popular scholars.

    Imran Zubair

  14. Abdullah

    The English Maariful Quran is available for download without any wait time,

    The files on this page, i think, were taken from that site.

  15. Ayu

    Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu
    I don’t understand why Qur’an has different letters or character in some different Qur’an. In the same verse and surah, the letters or characters It has, are different, I wonder if they have the same meaning. Can somebody esplain me about this? Can Arabic letters in Qur’an be written in different ways? Please tell me… I’m affraid I’m gonna go wrong way… Please send the answer to
    thanks for your help.

  16. Question

    Salam alaykom,

    Is this the same tafsir that used to be on I loved that tafsir but forgot the complete name of the author. I didn’t think it was Shafi Uthmani but ? Uthmani.

  17. learnquranonline1

    mashallah keep it up is a good site where people could learn more about quran and islam i have also seen a site where people could learn quran online and learn quran with tajweed on
    learn quran online, learn quran

  18. Aoa,
    That is the best tafseer for common people because it is easy to understand,have all necessary masails and explaination using hadith,sahaba’s sayings and authentic and popular scholars.

  19. Abrar

    Or you can directly download Mariful Quran from official website

  20. Abdul Rashid Wahab

    Request and suggestion to all reader of Tafsir of Quran. As meaning and tafsir of Maariful Quran is very good to understand for a common reader, he/she must also read other tafsir, like: Tadabbur Quran by Amin Hasan Eslahi, Tafsir -e- Kassaf, Ibne Katir, Tafimul Quran by Maududi and other tafsir. It will help to understand various factors, which one cannot grab just from one tafsir only.

  21. HABIB


    In ayat e tilawat u have not mentions sajdah mark in any surat. If its there were is the mark. Pls let us know.

    And in hyderabad A.P Who are the genuine distributors . Farid publishers is not having good print and missing so many pages in the books so we have returned it to deccan traders. Pls let us know who is the best publishers and from were to buy the full versions with out any mistake.

  22. Jazakallah Khiran, Allah may give you his best reward in the particular work.

  23. Fazal

    Asalam o Alaykum

    how can i get the urdu audio in mediafire links…?
    plzz help..!!

  24. is an learn online quran center for providing online Quran Tutoring service that enables you/your kids to learn to read the holy Quran with learn Tajweed Quran Recitation online in one to one Quran classes with live Male and Female Quran teacher. Students of all ages ranging from 4 to 70 years can take these Quran learning classes. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection

  25. Hamid Ali Khan

    Jazakallah khairan. May Allah bless you for doing the great service through your blog, good job. Thanks

  26. mansoor

    Asslamu ali kum i am looking for Ma’arif al Quran – Mufti Shafi Uthmani (Complete) in urdu any body help me

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